Installation "Day by Day" 20/6/2024

''I came to understand that many tasks I previously believed I had time for, I now had to complete promptly, or they would remain undone.'' —Kazuo Ishiguro
Installation "Day by Day" 4/1/2024

the light enters the chambers,
for the walls are not white.'' —M. S.
Installation "Day by Day" 19/9/2023

''The poor words that languish in everyday life, the insignificant words, I love so! From my feasts I give them colours, they smile and slowly become happy.'' —Rainer Maria Rilke
Installation "Day by Day" 11/5/2023

''He built a house without an interior, not because he forgot,
but because he wants it with a door that leads to heaven.'' —M. S.
Installation "Day by Day" 1/11/2022

''Wipe your hand across your mouth, and laugh.''
—T. S. Eliot
Installation "Day by Day" 30/6/2022

''Don't climb so high, crazy thought, that the one who climbs higher falls deeper.'' —Rosalia de Castro
Installation "Day by Day" 1/6/2022

''but your heart’s anguish didn’t sob but turned into a meaning given to the world by the star filled sky.'' —Giorgos Seferis
Installation "Day by Day" 31/3/2022

''The worst thing is that facts are there waiting
for you to find them.'' —Carlos Maria Dominguez
Installation "Day by Day" 17/2/2022

''The ospreys and seagulls say that the sea is happy, shattering at last the breakwater on which it bursts and spills into the streets.'' —Pascal Quignard
Installation "Day by Day" 21/1/2022

''Behind every mirror...
...a nest of silences
that never left.'' —F. G. Lorca
Installation "Day by Day" 30/11/2021

''The present is not a potential past.
It's a moment of choice and action.''
—Simon de Beauvoir
Installation "Day by Day" 1/10/2021

''A journey of a thousand kilometers begins with a step.''
—Lao Che
Installation "Day by Day" 31/8/2021

''The man whom hope tirelessly drags him along,
eternally seeking rest with a madman's run.''
—Charles Baudelaire
Installation "Day by Day" 5/7/2021

''Because no human being feels any other joy
other than what is offered by the feeling
of being alive'' —Pascal Quignard
Installation "Day by Day" 18/5/2021

''I can doubt everything, except one thing, and that is the very fact that I doubt'' —Rene Descartes
Installation "Day by Day" 7/4/2021

''Takes a little boat
and reaches oceans''
—Odysseas Elytis
Installation "Day by Day" 18/3/2021

''I barely managed and exchanged a
warm, it's true, kiss with the sun.''
—Nikiforos Vrettakos
Installation "Day by Day" 26/2/2021

''To let a sad thought or a bad one get into your mind is as dangerous as letting a scarlet fever germ get into your body.''
—Frances Hodgson Burnett, "The Secret Garden"
Installation "Day by Day" 14/1/2021

''And these are wishes: gentle dialogues.
Of the poor hours with eternity.''
—Rainer Maria Rilke
Installation "Day by Day" 9/12/2020

'What face is this least bright and brightest
And the pulse in the hand, less strong and stronger
Loaned or borrowed?'' —T. S. Eliot
Installation "Day by Day" 27/10/2020

Can you choose which piece of courage to take?
Installation "Day by Day" 28/9/2020

''The revolutionaries are anxious for the future, the lovers for the past, the poets have shouldered both.''
—Tasos Livaditis
Installation "Day by Day" 1/9/2020

When 'O' is a capital letter ...
Installation "Day by Day" 12/7/2020

''But what are our souls looking for when they travel?''
—Giorgos Seferis
Installation "Day by Day" 26/6/2020

''If one insists too strictly on his principles,
in the end he will see almost no one''
—Agatha Christie
Installation "Day by Day" 12/6/2020

''Hands clasped, weighing nothing''
—Paul Elyard
Installation "Day by Day" 26/5/2020

''also spring is unprepared,
every step she takes she stops, she looks confused and silent''
—Giannis Ritsos
Installation "Day by Day" 12/5/2020

''You can cut all the flowers,
but you can not stop Spring from coming.''
—Pablo Neruda
Installation "Day by Day" 18/4/2020
Installation "Day by Day" 5/3/2020

''Low sky full of stars,
but not like the one who knows you.''
—Nikos Kavadias
Installation "Day by Day" 12/2/2020

''Many journeys continue for a long time after the movement in time and space has stopped.''
—John Steinbeck
Installation "Day by Day" 28/1/2020

how is the cost paid back?
Installation "Day by Day" 16/1/2020

''Power can not be united with justice by compromise, because justice is steadfast, it can not be compromised. If he sacrifices a part of it, it ceases to be justice. While power, if it sacrifices a part of it, does not cease to be power.'' —Michael D. Stasinopoulos
Installation "Day by Day" 27/12/2019

''The journey, like love, expresses an attempt to turn the dream into reality.''
—Alain de Botton
Installation "Day by Day" 10/12/2019

''our slightest desire, although unique as a chord, encompasses the fundamental notes on the basis of which our life is built''
—Marcel Proust
Installation "Day by Day" 25/11/2019
Installation "Day by Day" 14/11/2019

''A man seems to me less 'sensitive' the more he displays and uses his emotion.''
—Paul Valery
Installation "Day by Day" 29/10/2019

''No one else could ever be admitted here.
The gate was made only for you...''
—Franz Kafka
Installation "Day by Day" 14/10/2019

''...or the sea, I know. The sky, I suspect.
About my green garden, don't ask me.''
—Nikiforos Vrettakos
Installation "Day by Day" 23/9/2019

''...even if it is impossible to see the sea in its entirety, it is just an idea, like love, about which you can say a lot of things without having an accurate picture of it'' —Bodo Kirchhoff
Installation "Day by Day" 1/9/2019

''And then get bigger, get bigger, my soul,
and be content in life''
—Reiner Maria Rilke
Installation "Day by Day" 8/8/2019

''favorite moment I see you in this curtain of lost fog, where I will have no choice but to step on these long moving doorsteps and live until a door opens and closes'' —Samuel Beckett
Installation "Day by Day" 24/7/2019

''What can you do to be someone else? Impossible. 'You should no longer be nobody, to forget about yourself for someone, even for once.'' —Albert Camus
Installation "Day by Day" 9/7/2019

''Alas if we betray the sea.
Because she has ways to swallow us.''
—Dinos Christianopoulos
Installation "Day by Day" 27/6/2018
Installation "Day by Day" 13/6/2019

''The heart first asks for joy. Then to avoid grief.
And then those little painkillers. That deceive pain.''
—Emily Dickinson
Installation "Day by Day" 28/5/2019

''He wanted to talk to him like people never talk to each other, he wanted to say and hear things that no one ever says or hears.'' —Thomas Wolfe
Installation "Day by Day" 7/5/2019

''Life is a mixed or alternative weave
of dullness and poetry.''
—Edgar Moren
Installation "Day by Day" 17/4/2019

''In a shallow sigh of yours
sank a steamer''
—Kiki Dimoula
Installation "Day by Day" 1/4/2019

''It was as if she was wearing someone else's coat, a coat the same as hers - exactly the same, down to the label and the number - but it wasn't her coat, she knew it wasn't. It just looked like it.'' —Ann Enright
Installation "Day by Day" 11/3/2019

''«A great sage went to stay in an ugly house.» Such things happen. «A great spirit settled in an evil man.» And things like that can happen.'' —Daniel Harms
Installation "Day by Day" 18/2/2019

''...his aim was not to determine his fate by an ignorant world full of hatred and hostile intentions but...
by his own will'' —Philip Roth
Installation "Day by Day" 28/1/2019

''It's Sunday in me too...''
—Bernardo Soares
Installation "Day by Day" 9/1/2019

''the word is a small crack in the silence''
—Giuseppe Ungaretti
Installation "Day by Day" 3/12/2018

''There are no clear distinctions between what is real and what is not, nor what is true and what is not." It does not have to be either true or false. It could be both.'' —Harold Pinter
Installation "Day by Day" 11/11/2018 the wild winds...
Installation "Day by Day" 29/10/2018

''And the people in the room had grown up. They all remained like children despite their absurdly gray hair and drooping skin under their familiar eyes.'' —Anne Enright
Installation "Day by Day" 11/10/2018

''Ah life, a handshake with infinity
before we lose you forever'' —Tasos Livaditis
Installation "Day by Day" 13/9/2018

''I do not have a single certainty that I did not form through doubt, anxiety, sweat, painful experience'' —Louis Aragon
Installation "Day by Day" 28/8/2018
Installation "Day by Day" 14/8/2018

''... I once thought that gratitude was a heavy burden.
Now I know it's giving wings to the heart.'' —Oscar Wilde
Installation "Day by Day" 21/7/2018

''I would like to write a poem that when I read it aloud, nothing but the silence will be heard. The beauty of perfection is not visible. Only what escapes perfection is visible.'' —Hugo Mujica
Installation "Day by Day" 1/7/2018

''Perhaps the eyes [...] had told me that I was no longer shipwrecked and alone, and I bent as if out of tenderness,
I, who was stoned by the pain'' —Kostas Karyotakis
Installation "Day by Day" 2/6/2018

''To live, there is no happiness in this. But to be, this is happiness. It is: to transform into a fountain, into a stone tank in which the universe descends like lukewarm rain'' —Milan Kundera (Homage to Panos Charalambous)
Installation "Day by Day" 17/2/2018

''Are not most people usually, frustrated with their roots, not withering in their chains with tacit despair?'' —John Banville
Installation "Day by Day" 10/1/2018

''And when I caught myself crying for no apparent reason,
it was that I had seen something unintentionally'' —Samuel Beckett
Installation "Day by Day" 11/11/2017

''...I peeked longingly through the fog of the absolutely real to discern the imaginary...'' —John Banville
Installation "Day by Day" 17/10/2017

''...and with a group oooop they took off
like a bat coming out of the abyss...'' —Thomas Pinson
Installation "Day by Day" 5/9/2017

''My own «distorted faces»
testify that here, as elsewhere,
immortality does not exist'' —Jean-Paul Didierloran
Installation "Day by Day" 16/7/2017

How do we distinguish something approaching or moving away?
Installation "Day by Day" 25/6/2017

''A Dream? Probably the feeling that the days were passing by
without us realizing it, without offering
a grip to us that would allow us to grab them'' —Patrick Montiano
Installation "Day by Day" 21/5/2017

''Once upon a time the river flowed unrealistically like
an unexpected gliding moonlight
over noon'' —William Faulkner
''He said Time is dead while gnawing on the wheels of a clock and only when the clock stops, is time resurrected. The pointers were wide, an idea above the horizontal line, at a slight angle, like a seagull curved against the wind and holding on to everything that made me sad, like the new moon holding on to rain, the Negroes say.'' —William Faulkner
Installation "Day by Day" 18/2/2017

''Perhaps nothing gives more the impression of reality on what is outside of us, than the change of position, in relation to us, of a person even insignificant, before we know it, and after'' —Marcel Proust
Installation "Day by Day" 9/2/2017

''Perhaps Everything that exists, it exists because something else exists.
Nothing is, everything coexists: maybe that's okay'' —Bernardo Soares
Installation "Day by Day" 6/1/2017

''It seemed to her that the world had just stopped moving and that no one from now on would grow old or die'' —Albert Camus
Installation "Day by Day" 7/12/2016 - 21/1/2017

Bookstore "Euripidis", Chalandri
Installation "Day by Day" 11/11/2016

''After so many years that, wanting to escape the fear, he had run crazy, pointless, he finally stopped'' —Albert Camus
Installation "Day by Day" 20/10/2016

''Someone caught someone else hunting, who, as he ran to escape, in turn chased a third, who, not realizing that he was being chased, simply continued to walk briskly on the sidewalk'' —Daniel Harms
Installation "Day by Day" 3/10/2016

''Problems are not solved in a flash, as many small different experiences need to be gathered'' —Umberto Eco
Installation "Day by Day" 9/9/2016

''Every word I deposited was not a road sign,
but bypass, material for remakes'' —George Perec
Installation "Day by Day" 15/7/2016

''There were seas with such a rare beauty that, when I saw them, my enjoyment was increased by surprise.'' —Marcel Proust
Installation "Day by Day" 13/6/2016

''The biggest lesson the smallest.'' —G. Karantonis
Installation "Day by Day" 22/5/2016

''The road is an honorary offer in the space. Every part of the road is equally endowed with a meaning and invites us to stand.'' —Milan Kundera
Installation "Day by Day" 7/5/2016

''Things are identified by names that always correspond to a concept of thought alien to our real impressions. We are then obliged to remove from them what is not related to this concept'' —Marcel Proust
Installation "Day by Day" 11/4/2016
Installation "Day by Day" 14/3/2016

''all the rain had sprinkled
our thirsty appearance'' —Angelos Sikelianos
Installation "Day by Day" 1/3/2016

''then, how a threatening and self-threaten world
could it mean a life?‘'' —G. Kalioris
Installation "Day by Day" 11/2/2016

''but the water is tied like a mirror'' —G. Seferis
Installation "Day by Day" 7/1/2016
Installation "Day by Day" 6/1/2016
Installation "Day by Day" 17/12/2015
" All Blue of Amfilochia "

Installation “Day by Day”

2014 – Today
(Work in progress)

Installation ”All Blue of Amfilochia” took place in the summer of 2014. It consisted of 42 works, 20 x 20 cm, painted with acrylics. It was not done, nor was it placed as a one-piece composition because I wanted these 42 crates to be self-existent, self-sufficient and to converse with each other in many ways. They change position, they change shape and new pieces are added that start new conversations. They travel, move away or come closer and they constantly ask and claim. Their special substance, the relationship between them, their uniqueness are the factors for the orderly functioning and existence of the whole and the course that is formed when day by day is the only reality.

Installation "Day by Day"nikos