Landscape in Thunderstorm – A tribute to El Greco


On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Domenikos Theotokopoulos’ death, thirty-one visual artists and a writer participate in an event – tribute in memory of the great Cretan painter. The dimensions (121x109cm) of Theotokopoulos’s painting “Toledo in a storm” serve as the only restriction on the artists who try to join the atmosphere of the work – without leaving its general problematic but also without keeping the style, writing and meaning of the original. By trying plastic escapes and inclusions in the current data, they serve the exhibition theme and title which is certainly a tribute to the Great Greek artist.

Participating artists (alphabetically): A.Gagik, B.Colignon, E.Gambini, W.May, M.Anagnostou, K.Vittis, N.Gavallas, A.Giagiannos, A.Devetzis, G.Theodorou, P.Karavevas , N.Kazirelova, G.Katimertzoglou, A.Keratsa, G.Koutsogiannis, M.Leventakou, N.Marangou, C.Mitsikas, K.Michalos, T.Bathas, A.Blazogiannaki, I.Parcharidis, T.Patraskidis, T.Poulopoulos, T.Salla, N.Saperas, P.Siagris, A.Spartalis, G.Spyropoulos Bach, M.Stamati, G.Stefanakis, L.Tsirigoulis.

Landscape in Thunderstorm – A tribute to El Greconikos