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Efi Michalarou

M.S. re-conceptualizes and re-synthesizes a narrative that is both personal and collective. Personal trauma is denatured through conceptual art and discourse, with its conceptualization from the fragility and the unparalleled strength that characterizes it.Efi Michalarou
on the solo exhibition «Without Which, Not / Sine Qua Non»

Marta Lock

M.S., a Greek artist with a long history of awards and success, of numerous group and solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad, is distinguished by a particular style in which the irrational, the impulse, is mitigated and modulated through a reflection for which it becomes necessary to use the material in a light but not invasive nor excessively three-dimensional way, precisely to leave the observer with a sense of measured balance that emerges from her canvases.Marta Lock
on Maria Stamati's painting work
(in Italian and English)

Monica Ferrarini

M.S.’s artistic signature is built on the gesture, on emotions, on the chromatic movement, whose interactions develop accurate and intellectualized compositions, where each thing is balanced with one another, showing an expressivity able to catch the observer’s eye.Monica Ferrarini
on Maria Stamatis' painting work
(in Italian and translated into English)

Louiza Karapidaki

An artist’s book is a work of art and a collectible object with the artist being the sole creator, as opposed to a book about art, an illustrated book, a bibliophilic edition or an art book, where the creators can be people of different specialties, the artist, the author, the poet, the bookbinder, the graphic designer, the typographer etc.Louiza Karapidaki
on the art of artist's books

Konstantinos Bouras

The mystical element is obvious. More is implied than what the good poet M.S. says, confesses and articulates.Konstantinos Bouras
on the poetry collection «With Multifaceted Shading»
(translated into English and into Polish)

Dimitris Kanellakis

M.S.’s poetry is a poetry of space and time – mainly of space, as confirmed by the visual lining of the collection…Dimitris Kanellakis
on the poetry collection «With Multifaceted Shading»

Louiza Karapidaki

M.S.’s visual writing, a product of inspiration, original and charismatic, never loses the obvious dynamism it emits, nor the poetic dimension and narrative eloquence of the conceptual references.Louiza Karapidaki
on the solo exhibition «End of Thread, End of Meaning»

Efi Michalarou

If we are our memories, as the artist believes, we carry them, we are represented and defined by them, the artistic dialogue between the elements of tradition and the modern visual language, this is an essential way of approaching our personal course through time.Efi Michalarou
on the solo exhibition «End of Thread, End of Meaning»

Maria Yiayiannou

The meeting of hardness (which is perishable) with softness (which is durable) is one of the philosophical extensions of the thread thematic cycle of M.S. The visual artist’s geometry designs with a delicate material interwoven with female handicrafts. Her spinning meets architecture, in compositions that become space themselves.Maria Yiayiannou
on the solo exhibition «End of Thread, End of Meaning»

Dimitris-Ubertos Filandrianos

Charismatic M.S. in her path with values, she is fully recognized in all forms of arts. She becomes a speaker of the famous “imaginary institution of society” as a producer of her own thought, various currents, a point of reference and many more!Dimitris-Ubertos Filandrianos
on the poetry collection «With Multifaceted Shading»

Nikoletta Kokosiouli

In a collection, which combines the poetic with the artistic identity in an inseparable unit, M.S. offers the reader material that raises concerns, which is necessary for his inner balance and consequently for his balance with the surrounding world…Nikoletta Kokosiouli
on the poetry collection «With Multifaceted Shading»

Panos Charalambous

The pretexts without tones, colors, conjectures. But poetry as a transcendent concept-situation emerges from all areas of the arts in this case from all pages, all the quintessence of life…Panos Charalambous
on the poetry collection «With Multifaceted Shading»

Louiza Karapidaki

Reasonings, thoughts, statements are conveyed through the graphs and the poetic discourse of M.S. in a confessional and revealing work…Louiza Karapidaki
on the poetry collection «With Multifaceted Shading»

Dr. Vivi Vasilopoulou

Their purity is realized in a white unnatural color beyond the everyday world which for this can bring what is left of poetry what is left of art…Dr. Vivi Vasilopoulou
on the solo exhibition «All that Remains»

Aristidis Yiayiannos

The painter is obviously facing the question: immobile receiver – spectator and mobile image or immobile image and mobile spectator? A connotative speech that does not suggest, it does not interpret, it has only meaning and it is looking for answers, like any true artwork…Aristidis Yiayiannos
on the solo exhibition «In the Middle of Night, In the Middle of Day»

Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan

In the video, the visual material is orchestrated by extremely creative alternations and the main stimulus: the hand movements but also the movement of the male and female torso, as it is becoming free of garments; garments of “any” form, substance, quality and texture (shirt, blouse, undershirt, t-shirt, etc.) that cover the female sternum or the male chest…Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan
on the solo exhibition «Complex, Adjacent, Unique»

Dafni Yiayiannou

M.S. exploits the symbolically charged nature of the object and she uses it accordingly. The tie acts as a necktie, in other works, as a leash: a persistent reminder that the system holds whoever wears it from the neck. In other works, she seems to embrace the theme with tenderness…Dafni Yiayiannou
on the solo exhibition «Here in the South…»

Giannis Kalioris

It is neither a cerebral contemplation that accumulates in itself, nor a lyrical diffusion, but an inwardness that, cleansed of illusions and naked, is detached from its silent depths to become consciousness, and to be thrown, alone and bound, into the “universe of winds”- in the harsh dialectic of the world…Giannis Kalioris
on the solo exhibition «12 Women»

Michael D. Stasinopoulos

It is a fiery liquid metal that has passed through the blast furnace of human emotions. It could be the forefront in M.S.’s poetry …Michael D. Stasinopoulos
on the poetry collection «Silence Passing By»
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