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Explore your senses

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The Royal Senses Hotel
Rethymnon, Crete

Review by Georgia Trouli

We travel to Crete, an island with important history, cultural heritage and natural beauty, to rediscover our senses and to experience land, light and sea.


Explore Your Senses

Group Exhibition (June to October) at The Royal Senses Resort and Spa, Crete

We travel to Crete, an island with significant history, cultural heritage and natural beauty, to re-explore our senses and experience the land, light and sea.

The exhibition explore your senses hosts artists from all over Greece, who propose forms, patterns, designs, exuberant and monochromatic surfaces, creating a composition but also a new field of senses.

The artistic proposals, works of diverse temperament and style, converse harmoniously with each other and with the spaces of the newly built hotel unit.

The natural landscape and primary materials, the primordial, majestic and yet hospitable character of Crete are elements that highlight both the aura of the Royal Senses Resort and Spa Crete hotel and the energy of the exhibition explore your senses. They also create a continuous interaction.

The elements of tradition, the special architecture and the contemporary design of royal senses are combined with the visual artworks by contemporary artists. They encourage us to a new experience of high aesthetic enjoyment on an island that shifts colour and new forms in a malleable and effortless way into the past, present and future. In the meantime, the peculiar global conditions invite us to broaden our perspective, to reflect, to create new perspectives, to explore and sharpen our consciousness and senses, to discover new inner and outer landscapes for balance, pleasure and beauty.

Georgia Trouli
Visual Artist – Curator

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