Dimitris-Ubertos Filandrianos on the poetry collection «With Multifaceted Shading»

Dimitris-Ubertos Filandrianos

The charismatic Maria Stamati in her journey with values, is fully recognized in all forms of arts. She becomes a contributor to the famous “imaginary institution of society” as a producer of her own thought, of various currents, a reference point and who knows how many more! With inexhaustible vitality, warmth, energy she “stands, listens attentively and responds with knowledge and instinct”.

Direct speech. Synthesized by the author who gave the title with multi-faceted shading inscribed and assembled by extended writing in three words: “imagination, creation, autonomy”. All this, gives a complete picture of the human thinker, as on the one hand she captures all the various aspects of her thought and on the other hand she records difficult concepts in simple and understandable words, with language changes and pages of content. It is a narrative, as it springs from the space-time of ancient tragedy…

…is this not where the arts and civilization were born?

A sign, a libation. It is the central figure of the book led by the protagonists, writer, poet, visual artist who approach the station of the distant tour. The visual wanderings on the pages of the book do not accompany the poetry-writing but coexist dynamically. Leading thinkers will acknowledge and affirm what a unique pen she is and that she has not yet said it all…

The sequel follows…

Dimitris-Ubertos Filandrianos
Dr. of Higher Design Education

Dimitris-Ubertos Filandrianos on the poetry collection «With Multifaceted Shading»nikos